About Us

Consolidated Concepts Team

John Davie
President & CEO
(617) 245-2922 x101

 Vice Presidents
Bruce Reinstein
V.P. of Strategic Development & Sourcing
(617) 245-2922 x147

Mathew Focht
(312) 254-0730

Client Support
Mark Cimino
Client Support Manager
(617) 245-2922 x135

Lindsay Cohen
Business Development Manager
(617) 245-2922 x130

Gretchen Freihofer
Client Support Analyst
(617) 245-2922 x153

Judy Hollister
Business Development Officer
(617) 245-2922 x119

Luis Lara
Client Consultant
(312) 878-8022

Alan Katz
Client Consultant
(312) 878-8022

Jodi Tobin
Director of Compliance
(617) 245-2922 x121

Distribution Specialists
Randall Knopff
Contact Lindsay: (617) 245-2922 x130

Steve Daren
Contact Lindsay: (617) 245-2922 x130

Artie Tsebetzis
Contact Lindsay: (617) 245-2922 x130

Consolidated Concepts is the leading purchasing partner in the US for restaurants. The focus is on supporting multi-unit restaurants with leveraged buying and consulting in order to reduce spend, source products, and position themselves to grow without taking on additional labor.

Consolidated Concepts currently partners with over 100 chains nationally, including Fox n Hounds/Champps, Salsaritas, Bravo Brio, Ovation Brands and many more. Our objective is to provide savings options on most things a restaurant would purchase.

Clients are able to participate in up to 20 different programs and are supported by a team of experts in many areas of the hospitality industry. We are a strategic partner of Compass/FoodBuy, National Produce Consultants, and Buyers Edge which provides us with over $12 billion in buying power and an infrastructure that is second to none for servicing our clients. We are distributor neutral which keeps our focus on the client. We maintain excellent relationships with distributors and work very closely with our manufacturer partners to provide our clients with the best products required, at a reduced cost.

We are a pay-for-performance business, which means we don’t get paid unless we find your company savings. We find that every company, no matter what size, can benefit from better buying power.